News Report: Ramkarran’s Call for Repeal of Anti-Gay Laws Should Be Cue for Other Politicians

Transgender (LGBT) community in Guyana and said that other political leaders should take their cue from him. Writing in April in an edition of the Weekend Mirror, Ramkarran noted that the current laws against gay sex are a colonial artefact, archaic and should be expunged from the statute books.

Newspaper Report: Gays, Lesbians Face Greater Inequality Here Because of Criminalising of Same Sex Relations

A human rights expert says that by virtue of Guyana keeping on its books laws that criminalise homosexual behaviour, persons from the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgendered (LGBT) community face inequality on a higher scale than other marginalised groups. Speaking at a public forum on equality and LGBT rights at Moray House Trust on Wednesday evening, Dr. Dimitrina Petrova, Executive Director of Equal Rights Trust says Guyana’s laws criminalising homosexuality and cross-dressing are not in consonance with Government’s responsibility of ensuring that there is equality for all.

News Editorial: Decriminalizing Alternative Lifestyles

More than fifty years ago the United Kingdom gave recognition to a reality that had existed for centuries or even millennia. It decriminalized homosexual acts by repealing legislation which made these acts illegal by providing that consenting adults are not guilty for such acts done in private. Such legislation, inherited from our colonial masters, who repealed them fifty years ago, is still on our books.

News Editorial: On the 2011 General Elections Polls

SASOD joins in celebrating the historic shift in the political system after the November 28, 2011 elections. SASOD welcomes the opportunity for Guyana to acknowledge that there is a need for an inclusive system of Governance which recognises all forms of diversity, not only of political affiliation or opinion, but also of race, place of origin, colour, creed, age, disability, marital status, sex , sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, language, birth, social class, religion, conscience, belief or culture.

Editorial: Response to the Inter-Religious Organisation on Condemnation of the SASOD Film Festival

Thanks for publishing this open letter to the Inter-Religious Organisation, since we do not think it is appropriate to write to them in care of the Ethnic Relations Commission’s Secretariat - which we believe is a publicly-funded, state body and not a faith institution. To The Members of the Inter-Religious Organisation (IRO): We were surprised to read reports in sections of the press that comments made by the Chair of the Ethnic Relations Commission, and Public Relations Officer of the IRO, Mr. Edghill, about the SASOD Film Festival.

News Report: World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day (WAD) on December 1, 2009, was commemorated under the theme ‘Universal Access and Human Rights,’ which will foreground global observances on HIV over the next year. United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon placed on record a strong message urging the repeal of “punitive laws, policies and practices that hamper the AIDS response.” He was clear that laws which institutionalize discrimination against sex workers and men who have sex with men only serve to fuel the HIV epidemic and prevent cost-effective programmes.