Editorial: South Africa Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage

The news that the South African parliament has voted to legalise same sex marriages is encouraging. This, at a time when South Africa faces serious problems with crime, the spread of the HIV/AIDS epidemic and poverty, demonstrates the commitment to human rights even as, in other places, homophobic leaders try to turn energies to preventing rights of gay and lesbian citizens while ignoring issues such as poverty and poor governance.

Editorial: Bermuda Sun

It is with great disappointment that we at the Society Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination (SASOD) Guyana learn of the failure of the Bermuda House of Assembly to debate the bill which would outlaw discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation.

News Report: Guyanese Religious Community's Stance on Homosexuality and Condom Use

Religious bodies disagree, sometimes vehemently, on matters pertaining to their faiths, but, not surprisingly, they are united on many of the so-called taboo issues including homosexuality and the use of condoms. Religious leaders from the Roman Catholic, Anglican, Muslim, Hindu, Pentecostal and Seventh Day Adventist faiths all agree that homosexuality is wrong and that the use of condoms encourages fornication.

News Report: Review of Film Festival

Some of my best friends are gay. Seriously. That’s mainly how I found myself at the launching of the SASOD Film Festival two Mondays ago at the Sidewalk Café and Jazz Club in Georgetown. SASOD – the Society Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination – is currently hosting `Painting the Spectrum’, A Celebration of Love, more specifically gay and lesbian love. The festival consists of the screening of films which feature homosexuality or bisexuality as one of the major themes.