Editorial: International Day Against Homophobia

May 17, is the anniversary of the decision when the World Health Organisation removed ’homosexuality’ as a mental disorder marking a formal end to medical homophobia. Society Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination (SASOD) joins with organisations around the world in commemorating this day as International Day Against Homophobia.

NGO Support for Norway Statement

We welcome the statement on human rights violations based on sexual orientation and gender identity, delivered by Norway on behalf of a broad grouping of 54 States from Western, Central and Eastern Europe, in North, Central and South America, in Asia, and in the Pacific. We acknowledge also the support of many African States for the inclusion of sexual orientation in UN resolutions condemning extrajudicial executions.

Norway UNHRC Statement

We express deep concern at these ongoing human rights violations. The principles of universality and non-discrimination require that these issues be addressed. We therefore urge the Human Rights Council to pay due attention to human rights violations based on sexual orientation and gender identity, and request the President of the Council to provide an opportunity, at an appropriate future session of the Council, for a discussion of these important human rights issues.

SASOD is Encouraged by Open Letter from Indian Citizens

The support for the equality of gay and lesbian citizens around the world was strengthened with the issuing of an Open Letter to the Government of India by more than 100 eminent persons of Indian origin.

SASOD Endorses Civil Society Committment to Good Governance

Members of the organizations listed below wish to record our disappointment that once again we are approaching general elections without the long-promised constitutional and electoral reforms in place which would make them secure and meaningful. Creation of appropriate electoral constituencies, equal representation of women with men and a candidates’ list which allows voters to know clearly for whom one is voting, are some examples of agreed reforms. Rather than usher in a new and dynamic democracy, elections under our system are a discredited and demeaning ritual.

Rule of Law - SASOD Joins with CEN

A battle is being played out between the institution which symbolizes law and order in Guyana, namely the Guyana Police Force (GPF), and criminal forces driving the drug enterprises which the government of the day appears unwilling to confront.