Letter to the Ethnic Relations Commission

Article 212D paragraph (f) of the Constitution of Guyana states that the one of the functions of the Ethnic Relations Commission is to “encourage and create respect for religious, cultural and other forms of diversity in a plural society”. We the undersigned as citizens of Guyana believe that sexual orientation is one of the forms of diversity in a plural society and that therefore the ERC holds a constitutional mandate to encourage respect for the rights of gay and lesbian people in Guyana.

News Report: Review of Film Festival

Some of my best friends are gay. Seriously. That’s mainly how I found myself at the launching of the SASOD Film Festival two Mondays ago at the Sidewalk Café and Jazz Club in Georgetown. SASOD – the Society Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination – is currently hosting `Painting the Spectrum’, A Celebration of Love, more specifically gay and lesbian love. The festival consists of the screening of films which feature homosexuality or bisexuality as one of the major themes.