The Ambitious Youth

Who are you?
I like technology, and I like new gadgets. I work in the cell phone industry and I like the opportunities there. I like listening to music, meeting new people and hanging with my friends. I do not have any particular role models, because I set my own standards and I don't want to take anyone else's example. I am me.
How is your relationship with your family?
I live with my grandmother, I have brothers and sisters. I would like to have children someday, and I hope that they could grow with their grandmother, so that they would learn morals and manners. I want to have a girl who is lesbian or bisexual, so I could do my thing and she could do her thing but could still make a family.
What are you looking for in a relationship?
I have had girlfriends, but no serious boyfriends. I have had sex with girls and other guys, I guess I like both. I started with guys when I was 16, I have only had sex with two guys. I am an HIV/AIDS peer counselor so I know about safe sex, and I always am prepared. I will not make any joke about that, love or no love. I have many friends. I think because I am a good listener, a lot of people like to talk to me about their problems. Sometimes I think that it would be good for me to have a friend who I could talk to. Some of my friends know about me. I have to be careful who I tell about my relationships.
How would you describe your spirituality?
My family brought me up in the spiritual Christian tradition. I know that my church condemns homosexuality, but they do not make a big deal about it. One of the women there is my friend, and she is very open. I think many people who say they are religious are hypocrites. I have a personal relationship with God.
What does the future hold for you?
I intend to study more about sales and marketing, and communication studies. I like the technology business and my employers will give me a chance to learn more by exposing me to more training. I enjoy working with people, and I like the challenge it offers. I will have to go to University to further my studies. Nothing is going to keep me back.
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