Violence Against Women

Statement on Inappropriate Kaiteur News Front Page Picture

On Saturday, June 2, Kaieteur News published a picture on its front page which showed a man beating a woman. This picture was published at a time when the intensity of male violence against women has increased.

Violence Against Sex Workers Must Also Be Confronted in Guyana

"Soon as the sex was over, this man started slapping and cuffing me up and he empty my purse and take away all my money, not just what he pay me,” recounted a female sex worker based in New Amsterdam, who had been assaulted and robbed by a client, to an advocate at United Bricklayers, a local AIDS-prevention, community-based organization, less than two months ago. “Now how could I go to the police and make a report when sex work is not legal,” she added.

Strengthening Protection Against Sexual Violence and Reforming the Law on Sexual Offences

The Ministry of Human Services, Labour and Social Security has embarked on a consultation on the reform of the legislation pertaining to sexual offences in Guyana. Proposals for reform are located in a consultation paper called “Stamp It Out: Strengthening Protection against Sexual Violence and Reforming the Law on Sexual Offences.”