Discussion on Child Rights and HIV

This podcast features a conversation between Anton Rocke from SASOD, Jason Chisolm a Volunteer Peer/Educator and Shameeza David from Youth Challenge. The discussion looked at the issue of children who are sexually abused and the resulting HIV infection. The discussion reinforced the need for education and for ensuring access to health services for children who are infected.
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"Liming and Gaffing" - the First Open Office Gathering

SASOD held its first open office lime and gaff on 29 July, 2011. Some of the people who attended that session reflect on the importance of such face to face informal networking and meeting, across many differences.
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Korey and Anton Discuss the Criminalisation of HIV/AIDS Transmission

This podcast was recorded on 29 July, 2011 . SASOD had made a presentation on the Criminalisation of HIV/AIDS transmission. Korey Chisolm appeared on an internet radio talk show . In this podcast he reflected on that experience of discussing this with the wider public and reinforces some of the key points about the problems. 
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