Editorial: South Africa Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage

Letter published in Stabroek News and Kaieteur News of 22 November, 2006
Dear Editor,

The news that the South African parliament has voted to legalise same sex marriages is encouraging.

This, at a time when South Africa faces serious problems with crime, the spread of the HIV/AIDS epidemic and poverty, demonstrates the commitment to human rights even as, in other places, homophobic leaders try to turn energies to preventing rights of gay and lesbian citizens while ignoring issues such as poverty and poor governance.

In Mexico City, same sex unions are also now recognised, while in Buenos Aires, the laws which criminalised the travesti (cross dressing) have been repealed.

As these trends emerge in the Global South, the Caribbean continues to be plagued by homophobia and excuses for homophobia. It is now almost a year since SASOD has applied to the Ethnic Relations Commission to exercise their mandate to "encourage and create respect for religious, cultural and other forms of diversity in a plural society" and rule on the permission given by the State entities to promote homophobic lyrics in the public venues.

The Ethnic Relations Commission has not considered the request. It is unknown whether the ERC has decided that homosexuals are not worthy of human rights and respect in a diverse society.

The tolerance of a call to kill is an indictment of the society, especially since no one knows who next will be targeted.

Yours faithfully,

Members of SASOD
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