Short Film Challenge for Queer and Trans People of Colour

PROJECT: Short Film Challenge for Queer and Trans People of Colour - a collaboration with CaribbeanTales

TIME FRAME: June - September 2016

An international film contest for short films produced by and with Queer and/or Trans People Of Color who are from the Caribbean or the Caribbean Diaspora. Globally the media represents Queer and Trans voices as overwhelmingly white, and tends to paint the picture that Queer and Trans people from other communities are always marginalised within their communities, perpetuating an idea of white supremacy. This is not the full story. Queer and Trans People of Color live lives as full as anyone else, this platform was created to share our authentic stories, for, by and about QTPOC.Jamaica (for example) is said to be one of the most homophobic places on earth. Those of us who live in the Caribbean know that this isn’t the full story. And those of us who live in the diaspora know that there are stories of migration and the struggles of life abroad that are also not told. QTPOC are underrepresented across media, and are also often not in positions of access to film/media training and equipment access. In Toronto we have sourced equipment for people to use in the creation of short films, and are also encouraging the use of media devices that more and more of us now have access to: high quality smart phones.

- Cinema Spotlight Award from The Africa Channel: $1,500 USD
- Distribution deal across Canada and Europe and Cash Prize from OUTtv: $500 CAD
- Screening at CaribbeanTales International Film Festival 2016

- At least TWO of the following positions must be held by QTPOC from the Caribbean or
Caribbean Diaspora:
(i) Director
(ii) Writer
(iii) Producer
(iv) Lead Actor(s) / Actress(es).
- 1 to 5 minutes long
- Any genre including narratives, documentaries, animations and music videos
- Content must be appropriate for all audiences

- OUTtv - Co-presenting Partner
- Nalo Hopkinson - Challenge Amabassador
- I Am One TnT - Trinidad Presenting Partner
- SASOD - Guyana Presenting Partner
- TransWave - Jamaica Presenting Partner

Awards will also be given in the following categories: Best Youth Short, Best Fiction, Best Non Fiction. Low budget films, films from established and emerging filmmakers, independent films embracing fresh ideas and storytelling are all welcomed. This challenge is unprecedented, and aims to launch a generation of film and media makers with greater access.

CaribbeanTales is a registered Canadian charity that creates, markets and distributes educational programs and products intended to promote equality in Canada. We foster and encourage intercultural understanding and citizen participation through the creation and distribution of educational films, videos, theatre as well as new media programs and resource materials that reflect the diversity and creativity of Caribbean-Canadian heritage culture.

If you have questions, please email Timmia Hearn at