Editorial: South Africa Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage

The news that the South African parliament has voted to legalise same sex marriages is encouraging. This, at a time when South Africa faces serious problems with crime, the spread of the HIV/AIDS epidemic and poverty, demonstrates the commitment to human rights even as, in other places, homophobic leaders try to turn energies to preventing rights of gay and lesbian citizens while ignoring issues such as poverty and poor governance.

SASOD is Encouraged by Open Letter from Indian Citizens

The support for the equality of gay and lesbian citizens around the world was strengthened with the issuing of an Open Letter to the Government of India by more than 100 eminent persons of Indian origin.

SASOD Responds to Request for Information from the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada

In reference to your correspondence dated September 1, 2006, Society Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination (SASOD) - Guyana provides the following information at your request: We note that the IRB has some information in a previous request available at RIR GUY42340.E which gives some background to the environment for the treatment of homosexual people in Guyana. Please find below the response to your specific questions:-

SASOD Endorses Civil Society Committment to Good Governance

Members of the organizations listed below wish to record our disappointment that once again we are approaching general elections without the long-promised constitutional and electoral reforms in place which would make them secure and meaningful. Creation of appropriate electoral constituencies, equal representation of women with men and a candidates’ list which allows voters to know clearly for whom one is voting, are some examples of agreed reforms. Rather than usher in a new and dynamic democracy, elections under our system are a discredited and demeaning ritual.

SASOD Joins Call to Revamp Standford 20/20 Song Featuring Beenie Man

The recently rejuvenated Caribbean Forum for Lesbians, All-sexuals and Gays (C-FLAG) is greatly disturbed by a recent development in the region which has made notoriously homophobic dancehall artiste Beenie Man one of the performers of the official anthem of the Stanford 20/20 Tournament sponsored by Texas Billionaire Allen Stanford – owner of Caribbean Star and Caribbean Sun Airlines and organised by Kelly Holding Ltd. According to a Stanford 20/20 press release, the song will be played on radio stations across the Caribbean region and at every match during the tournament.