Testimonies from the Spectrum

About Testimonies from the Spectrum

In our ongoing effort to highlight the array of lifestyles and sexual orientations in Guyana, SASOD has conducted interviews with individuals from all walks of Guyanese life, so that their stories may be told here. We believe that noone is completely hetero- or homosexual but that everyone falls somewhere along the spectrum of sexuality. The following interviews and stories emphasize the role of the spectrum in Guyana.
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The Ambitious Youth

I like technology, and I like new gadgets. I work in the cellphone industry and I like the opportunities there. I like listening to music, meeting new people and hanging with my friends. I do not have any particular role models, because I set my own standards and I dont want to take anyone else's example. I am me.
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The Reforming Homosexual

When I was younger , I was confused and I found myself attracted to men. I was lucky, the men were often intelligent and older than me, some of them were also wealthy. At the same, time I used to think that something was wrong with what I was doing. I liked the life, parties and the attention. On looking back now, I felt as though, in all the homosexual relationships that I had, that I had no control over what was happening to me, that I had no voice.
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The Experimenting Teenager

I am a regular guy, I like girls, school, music , singing, making dance moves, movies, athletics ( I do well in the high jump and long jump,and relays), and most other sports. I am into computers and electronics. I like the Harry Potter books. My role models are Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump and Asafa Powell. I also admire other students in school who are disciplined, especially the religious ones; and the ones who have great athletic skill who could handle themselves in situations. I am inclined towards Christianity, but I like the discipline which some Muslims seem to have. I do not understand the Hindu religion enough, the variety of Gods seems confusing. I am talkative, sometimes disrepectful towards people. I love Guyana.
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The Closeted Man

What! ..why does anyone have sex with anyone – money, pleasure.. I don't know, because I like it, because the other guy looks good and makes me feel good, sometimes, I think because I want physical contact and I cannot get the same thing with a woman. Sometimes, it is not about the sex.
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