What We Do

Combating Homophobia

SASOD is committed to ending all forms of homophobia in Guyana, including transphobia, biphobia and lesbophibia. To achieve this goal, our Homophobia(s) Programme, focuses on engaging key sectors of society where anti-LGBT prejudices are prevalent. Through a discrimination reporting and documentation system, awareness, sensitization and education activities and direct engagement with key stakeholders, the Programme seeks to cultivate positive changes in attitudes which drive stigma and discrimination against LGBT people.


Human Rights Advocacy

Freedom from discrimination and hate-filled violence is a right for all people. SASOD is committed to promoting human rights of all people, especially those facing discrimination in Guyana. In Guyana, anti-LGBT discriminatory laws contribute to increased societal stigma and discrimination. This discrimination hinders the enjoyment of basic human rights. This programme is designed to address the need to protect LGBT Guyanese from discrimination in the enjoyment of their human rights. As such the major components of this programme, SASOD engages in multi-pronged advocacy to challenge injustices and discrimination, lobby and engages government to change laws and policies which discriminate against LGBT people, and utilizes the United Nations and Inter-American Human Rights systems to pressure and hold the State accountable for its human rights obligations to LGBT people.


Human Services Programme

Because LGBT people suffer pervasive discrimination in Guyana, their access to basic socio-economic services, such as health, education, work and housing, is severely inhibited. SASOD is committed to enabling access to basic, human services for LGBT people in Guyana. SASOD provides services, referrals and develops programmes and researches solutions to address sexual health, mental health, literacy and remedial education, entrepreneurship and employment, and emergency shelter and housing for LGBT people.
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